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A new series begins...
Gabby is a helper. She's here to assist; to absorb the deepest pains, and direct us to our assigned paths. She's here to guide a chosen few through their due dates. Free will makes her assignment difficult, and sometimes impossible. 
Thomas is caught  between the desire to succeed at his given task and the longing to hold on to his past. Free will can prove a man's integrity or it can take him down. Loss can change a man's perspective. Realizing there's more at stake than his honor, Thomas will make a decision that could upset the balance forever.
Book One will release in 2022

Sutton is back...

Gripping and elegantly executed...

Cold Case Detective Paul Sutton

has dedicated his life to evil.

Finding it.

Ending it.

Bringing justice to the dead and

answers to the living.

His life is spent straddling the line between

the light of truth and the darkness

of man’s blackest sins.

The Detective Paul Sutton series begins

with First One Down when Sutton

is given a second chance to solve the case

that’s haunted him for two years.

Well Written and Enjoyably dark...

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