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Above all else, you should love and be proud of your work.

What Others Have Said...

What readers are saying about the Sutton series...

Fifty Shades of Grey Mixed With Mary Higgins Clark...

Started it last night and finished this morning....couldn't put it down! Cannot wait to see Sutton's next case!!!!

Definitely a quick and fun read!



Beyond Captivating!

One of the most descriptive and well written books I've read in a long time! It transports you right into the middle of the mystery...



Well Written and Enjoyably dark -  4.25 STARS!

I enjoy romantic suspense but very rarely read straight thrillers. However this was a trial first page read and then no stops to the end of the book thriller. Not complex but superb characterisations, dark, sad and hopeful with a somewhat different than usual conclusion.


A few grammatical errors but not too many and a potentially rushed conclusion stopped this from being even better. I would liken the quality of this novel to almost that of the J J Graves novels by Liliana Hart, if that means anything to you. If you like romantic suspense or a dark thriller then you will probably find this a very enjoyable read.


-3 Little Meerkats "Bookfiend"

Gripping and elegantly executed...

A first offering from an author can be very hit or miss but R.J. Belle definitely nailed it... I'm not one to be easily impressed but the complexity of characters, intertwining storylines, and the deliciously erotic twists made this a solid read... R.J. Belle definitely put some genuine blood, sweat and tears into the emotional roller coaster that is FIRST ONE DOWN. Very well done and I look forward to reading the next one.



Draws you in...

RJ Belle has a talent for pulling the reader right in, from the first paragraph! One quality I especially appreciate is Belle's character development--the author creates rich characters and brings you inside their heads. This has the effect of keeping you engaged, caring about the characters, and wondering how the characters will tie together. I found myself excited to keep reading to find out what happens next!



What readers are saying about TRANSFER Of PAIN

"...In this book, readers will learn to adopt the right attitude after experiencing loss through suicide. The author helps readers to understand what happens immediately after a suicide, provides insightful suggestions on the kinds of language to use, and guides readers on facing the undeniable reality. What language must one use, what must one say, and what should one do when faced with the unanswerable questions? 

A well-crafted, a book that doesn’t read like self-help. It is an honest look at the reality of suicide and readers will enjoy how the author weaves her personal journey into the message. After losing a father to suicide, she has had her own share of pain, doubts, and regrets. One of the powerful and devastating emotions that one feels after suicide is regret, the feeling that one could have stopped it, that one could have done something different or better. And this could be walking the path of death itself. With a compassionate and compelling voice, R.J. Belle takes the reader by the hand and whispers words of wisdom to their heart. Here is a book that will help anyone navigate the terrible period that follows a suicide. Written in a simple, popular, and accessible style, this book is a must-read for anyone dealing with suicide." 

-Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite




“R.J. Belle writes a heartfelt piece detailing her journey through grief and what she learned along the way about family bonds, broken loyalties, healing, and herself. A must read for anyone facing a similar tragedy, and those who want to help anyone they know affected by suicide loss.”

-A fellow suicide loss survivor

 “...a raw and gut wrenching look inside the moments and weeks after a death by suicide. Belle takes the reader into her pain immediately...and doesn’t let go until it’s over. Her writing is poignant and captivating; I laughed, cried, and yelled right along with her... The stigma must end, and voices like R.J. Belle will help us keep the conversation going.”

-Attempt survivor & survivor of 2 family suicides

What readers are saying about AFTER...

Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

“For those who gave everything.” After: The Battle Has Just Begun is a military non-fiction read by R.J. Belle. It comprises eight uplifting stories of combat-injured men. Each one emotionally recaps their reasons for joining the USMC, and the tragic circumstances that left them both mentally scarred and physically injured. Their futures seemed vague until they moved to Freedom Station. Sandy Lehmkuhler founded Warrior Foundation - Freedom Station after seeing the needs of injured military men and women. The mission of Freedom Station is to assist, honour and support servicemen and women with quality of life items, various support services, and transitional housing. It assists four warrior groups: the seriously injured returning from war; those suffering from post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injuries; persons requiring physical or occupational therapy, and warriors who are medically retired.

Freedom Station is a non-profit organization which relies on donations to help these courageous warriors. All proceeds from After: The Battle Has Just Begun will benefit this invaluable program. Over 96% of funds raised are used to assist the injured servicemen and women. The organization is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers. It took a while for me to read the tearful first chapter, a dedication to 1st Lt. Jared Landaker, USMC who died on active duty. R.J. Belle included the recorded conversations she had with the men she interviewed. Their thoughts, pain, and fears were captured in these, thus giving the stories the desired authenticity she aimed for in the book. I strongly urge readers to purchase this book, not only for the act of the charitable cause it is intended for, but for the enlightenment one gets from learning what life outside the USMC can be like for warriors who become injured.








The authors insight feelings and words create a picture that will never be forgotten and motivates me to never give up.



In Their Own Words...

An emotional book about wounded servicemen telling their stories in their own words.



A wonderful insight on what After truly is for our wounded heroes.

An outstanding book about some of America's finest and those who have dedicated their lives to support them.



Triumphs and Sacrifices...

This book displays the triumphs and sacrifices made by our military members. A first hand look from a first rated book.



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